BeeWISE, product information

BeeWISE is made of 4 elements:

  • A weight measurement system: 4 sensors measurement system, specifically designed for rough environments and outdoor operation.
  • A Motorola microcontroller : it drives the weigth acquisitions and the SMS communication.
  • A GSM/CDMA module : based on the technology of the world leader WAVECOM. It is designed to work in industrial environment and is very well adapted to low consumption requirements.
  • An internal rechargeable battery : supply as a standard component of the product. The product needs to be connected to an external power supply that can be a solar photogenerator or any 12V / 24V battery.

Main characteristics of the product :

  • Weight measurement range : 0-140 Kg ; Max. Weight: 200Kg ; Resolution: 100g ; Accuracy from 100gr to 500gr
  • Box protection : weather-proof IP56
  • Telecom Module : Wavecom GSM Quad band (works in the USA) or Multitech CDMA
  • Power supply : direct Current, range 8V to 30V, Max. peak current 600mA
  • Power supply connection : IP68, connector type M8, 3 points, screw connector
  • External dimensions : 38cm*30cm*12cm ; Weight: 7Kg (including internal battery)
  • Functionning temperature : from -10C to +55C ; Storing temperature : from -15C to +60C

SMS scale - GMS scale