BeeWISE, purchasing price and operation costs

Purchasing price :

Beewise is delivered with all the components in a plastic compact weather-proof box, ready to use. The product has a 1 year warranty.

The price depends on the ordered quantity. For more information :

Operation cost :

All operation costs come from the telecom fees. Beewise works with a SIM card from any GSM mobile operator (GSM version) or with a CDMA subscription (CDMA version).

For GSM version, we recommend to use prepaid card since they offer many benefits :

  • no need to recharge when the product is not used
  • you can choose the recharge value depending on your needs
Based on pricing of mobile operators in Europe we can consider that the cost of telecom fees (using prepaid cards) is around 10 Euro / month for the months during which BeeWise is used. During other period (winter or spring time) then the cost is... 0 Euro !

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